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Fake car insurance card

Fake Car Insurance Card: Exposing A Risky Practice in 2023

Welcome to Moneycoy! In this article, we are going to discuss fake car insurance card, how to identify them and what are the risks involved, and what to do if you are getting caught with a fake car insurance card while driving. Nowadays, this topic has become a major concern. That's why we have decided to address this issue in this article with a positive solution-oriented outlook. So, let's scroll.

What is a Car insurance Card?

Most of the people today are familiar with the term insurance. In general terms, Insurance is the agreement between an individual and a company.

An individual who is insured is called an insurant and the company which provides the insurance is known as an insurer.

If you agree to pay the premium, the company agrees to compensate the losses you have in the future within the terms and conditions of the policy.

When you buy a car, you mandatorily need to purchase an insurance policy not just to protect the car but to protect yourself from any financial losses.

A car insurance card is proof that you have purchased the required policy for your car. They are generally issued to the policyholder by the insurance company.

What is a Fake Car insurance card?

As the name implies, fake car insurance cards are counterfeit or fraudulent replicas of legal insurance cards.

They are created with the intention of deceiving others that the person possesses valid insurance coverage.

People decide to use a fake car insurance card willfully because they do not want or are unable to pay the higher premium for car insurance.

Sometimes, they are tricked by the fraudster who convinces them that the car insurance card they are providing is genuine.

What does a fake car insurance card template look like?

Visible written information on a car insurance card may vary from region to region, company to company. But generally, most car insurance card displays the following information.

  • Unique Policy Number
  • Name of the policyholder
  • Effective period of the insurance policy
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • Model Year
  • Name of the insurance company
  • Coverage details

In the first instance, you will not be able to differentiate a fake car insurance card from the real one. The fake one also convincingly may display the same type of information mentioned above.

In this case, being vigilant is the only option available. Later we will discuss how will you identify a fake car insurance card.

It is strongly advisable not to use fake car insurance cards. But for informational purpose, if you want to see what a fake car insurance card look like, Click Here, Link 1, Link 2.

Identifying a fake car insurance card

Identifying fake car insurance may be a difficult task. But here are a few technicalities you can consider for identifying a fake car insurance card.

Technical DetailsReal Insurance CardFake Insurance Card
Insurance Company DetailsAccurate and verified company name and contact informationMay contain incorrect or inconsistent company details
Policy NumberUnique policy number corresponding to insurer's recordsMay have an invalid or fabricated policy number
Design and QualityMay have counterfeit holograms or lack security featuresPoor printing quality, misspelled words, pixellated ink, low-quality materials
Holograms/Security FeaturesGenuine holograms or security features embedded for authenticationMay contain counterfeit holograms and lacking security patches
Barcode ScanningYou can not scan it properlyYou can not scan it properely
Information MismatchResemblance across all the car insurance documentsInformation may not match the driver's license information
Legitimacy VerificationCan be easily verified through the insurance company or online toolsFails verification due to discrepancies or invalid information
Detecting a fake car insurance card
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How do Police identify a fake car insurance card?

As a daily car user, Everyone is subject to police checking from time to time. During police checking, they will ask for insurance details or insurance cards.

Police Experience

As a regular car user, everyone is going to face routine traffic checking. During traffic checks, it is likely that police would ask for insurance documents.

If you produce fake car insurance cards before them, they can identify it on the first look because they have a lot of experience in tackling these issues.

DMV Database

If your insurance validity period is expired and you have not renewed your car insurance policy yet, it is time for you to be extra aware when you are driving.

Upon policy expiration, insurance companies are legally bound to inform the DMV or Department of Motor Vehicles that this person is now without any valid minimum liability car insurance coverage. The police certainly have access to that information.

Suppose, your insurance policy is expired and you are knowingly or unknowingly presenting the fake or expired car insurance card before them.

Therefore, it is quite easy for them to identify the fake car insurance card.

Insurance Company Database

Sometimes, law enforcement agencies have access to an insurance database in which insurance companies mandatorily need to submit the insurance information of their customers along with other vehicle information.

In that case, police do not face any difficulty to find out whether you carry a valid card insurance coverage or not. Exact rules and regulations may vary from state to state according to active legislation.

ALPR Technique

This is called Automatic License Plate Recognition System. This is a new technology.

Speed cameras installed in traffic signals can click the picture of your car license plate and can extract information about your insurance details from the insurance database.

We understand that it is not easy to gather such a hefty insurance amount on a recurring basis. But it is also important to have minimum liability insurance coverage.

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Risks of Using Fake Car Insurance Card

Using a fake car insurance card carries plenty of risks. It ranges from the financial burden to the mental burden. Getting insured is mandated by law in every state of the country.

Therefore, presenting a fake car insurance card before law enforcement agencies not only invites heavy fines, and license suspension but also can land you amidst legal jargon.

Hefty Fines

If you are caught with a fake car insurance card, it is highly possible that you will be slapped with a fine. This kind of fine is continuously increasing in every state, every country day by day.

Fine rates vary from state to state.

In Alabama, it is up to $500,

In Arizona, It can be more than $500,

in Arkansas, it is ranging from $50 to $250,

In California, it is from $100 to $200

In Colorado, Illinois, the lowest fine is $500

In Delaware, the minimum number is $1500

In Hawaii, it is $500 or community service as ordered by the court.

In New Jersey, it is up to $1000

In Massachusetts, the fine can be as hefty as $5000

In New York, the fine is up to $1000 along with a civil penalty in a few cases relating to accident

NB: The fine numbers are subject to vary and the nature of those fines is generally primary. If you are a repeat offender, the amount can increase. Reference to those fines is taken from Here.

License & Registration Suspension

If you get caught with a fake car insurance card, police can take action to suspend your license. In many cases, they can cancel the registration also.

But generally, they give you time to prove that you have minimum liability coverage insurance.

License suspension can be for as long as 3 to 6 months, sometimes it can be up to you to produce proof of minimum required insurance.

The court can also direct car impoundment. Additionally, they can charge heavy license/registration reinstatement fines.

Being A High-risk driver

You be labeled as a high-risk driver if you are found in the below-mentioned compounding situation

  • You are caught with a fake car insurance card
  • You are involved in a car accident case
  • You are marked as DUI or Driving Under The Influence

Once you are marked as a high-risk driver, it will be hard for you to find good car insurance in the future. If you find good insurance, car insurance premiums will be surely high for you than usual.

Facing Jail

Police will not listen to your excuse. Even if you are unintentionally using a fake car insurance card, it is unlikely that legal hurdles will be easy for you. You must prepare for any possible consequences.

If you are a habitual offender, carrying a fake car insurance card may land you in jail.

Some states also impose a fine of up to $10000 along with more than 6 months jail term.

What to do if you are caught with a fake car insurance card?

Behave Properly:

when you are caught with a fake car insurance card, you must calm down.

Do not try to mess up with the policemen.

This will only increase your problem. Try to be as submissive as possible.

Do not lie:

When you are asked about any information regarding your car insurance and driving history, do not try to lie.

They have a lot of resources to find out, sometimes instantly, whether you are giving right or wrong information.

But you can channel your response towards a positive end.

Try to persuade the policemen that the next time fault will not happen again. They might let you go.

Get Insurance immediately:

Many insurance companies may offer you insurance over call. Use the internet wisely.

You will find the contact number of many insurance companies. Communicate with them and express the problems you are facing.

You can get insurance coverage instantly. Insurance companies can send you documents over the mail or you can download them from their website and present it before law enforcement agencies.

Filing SR-22:

If you are unintentionally using a fake car insurance card and you are charged with serious traffic violations, you need to communicate with your insurance company and get help from them for filing the SR-22 form.

SR-22 will prove that you have minimum liability insurance coverage for your car. Successful filing SR-22 can decrease legal hazards for you.

A noteworthy point is that filing SR-22 can increase your premium insurance hike.

Arrange a lawyer:

After all this, if you are still produced in the Court, be patient to follow the course of law. Arrange a good lawyer and present your case before the court.


The Internet is filled with queries on 'how to make fake car insurance card'.

In this article we have discussed a complete in-and-out analysis of using a fake insurance card, all the risks involved, identifying methods, and the preventive options available.

After doing a detailed cost-benefit analysis, we can easily conclude that having a real insurance card is far better than having a fake one in the long run.

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